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Full Version: A Wales Meet?
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Graeme Smurf
Hello All, just noticed that all the meets seem to be in England, and its quite for for us Welsh people to travel. I've been thinking about setting a Wales meet. Theres a great stretch of mountain road with amazing views in Mid Wales, within reach of all members in Wales.

[/center][center][size="5"]CAR PARK[/size][/center]

[/center][center][size="5"]ROAD = 5 MILES

[url=",-3.861952&num=1&t=h&sll=51.846331,-3.847275&sspn=0.030913,0.077162&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=51.836255,-3.847275&spn=0.03092,0.077162&z=14"]Link To Google Maps[/url]

We could then go for a meal in either village at each end of the road, Llangadog or Brynamman/Ammanford.

This is only a potential meet and would appreciate your feed back! Thank you very much, Graeme!


Would just like to add that all Ford vehicles are welcome! And you can bring friends too! This is not for Wales members only, anyone from England, and even Scotland are welcome! Would like to see intrest and make a meet to remember!! :D
Michael P
I would be up for this!
looks like an amazing road :o
Graeme Smurf
[quote name='fryboi' date='01 August 2010 - 06:21 PM' timestamp='1280682717' post='90795']
looks like an amazing road :o

Probably sounds like I'm lying but Top Gear have been to this road several times to test cars. I will have a look on YouTube to see if I can get any clips!

Thanks for your feedback, looks like it will develop into a great meet :D


[url=""]Full Road Drive (YouTube)[/url]

Not the Top Gear one but a full run of the road in question :D :D
Hi all I'm new to the club only joined today I would be well up for a meet & a cruise. I'm from Cwmbran & we have some large car parks to meet up in plus I can arrange a venue for a show which would be open to any ford owner.

Hope you will be interested.

Many thanks rob
Yeah top gear have been there quite alot actualy. Testing lanciers and a crystler. The road is amazing. Drive through there at least once a month. One of the best drives that wales has to offer.
I know this was posted 2 years ago but theres no reason not to have this meet, seems us welsh people never get round to arranging a meet so lets ask again, who's up for this meet?? Its a good bit of road and should be a good day with some friendly banta and competitiveness ( even if thats a word )
Jamie Gwilliam
Yeah. That road in the beacons is an awesum road.
Hello all just joined today and I'm well up for the meet in Wales.
Nice name and wheels 4ORDY. Still well up for this. We should get some non-forum ford lovers in on this too

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