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Full Version: Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Hesitate On Accelerating Hard
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tdci stevie
Have this problem with me mondy 2.0 TDCi 130ps duratorq 6 speed euro 3, when i floor it past 1800 or 2000 rpm i loose power for about 500 rpm then it regains itself, i.e rev counter goes from 2000rpm then sort of jumps to 2500-3000rpm then speed catches up, flat spot is it called.. ? sorry,..
70,000 miles
diesel filter changed other day,
intercooler pipe that goes to egr pipe changed as split in previous 1,
air filter changed last year,
diagnostic i own plugged in and no stored or pending codes,,
blanked off EGR bout 4 months ago...
Any help please or ideas or opions most apprieciated
tdci stevie
Any ideas on my flat spot problem ....?
first try unblanking the erg to see if the flat spot goes away.
tdci stevie
ok will do this this morning, and report back.
tdci stevie
Right i have took off EGR modification i.e blanking plate, and while i was there put in a new air filter.
Took it for a spin watched rev gage closer today and the rev needle seems to sort of jump when i floor it past 2000rpm to just under 3000rpm, plenty of power if i dont floor it and increase revs slowy easy do 100....
its this flat spot that confusing and annoying...
any ideas help please....
it could be that you are losing boost pressure to the turbo, check for any signs of air loss at all the rubber vac pipes also recheck the intercooler pipe just in case.
tdci stevie
Checked the main intercooler pipe and that is all fine...
How many vac pipes are there for the turbo....?
check the egr solinoid for blockages....should be on the front of engine if a recall, 3 vac pipes going to it, take off and tap see if any cr@p fall out..... it not electric controlled on yours? if not do the same with the wastegate solinoid, remove, clean also check all vac lines...had a transit tdci the same fault, had to put new solinoids on..75 each though!!!
on the euro 3 i think there is just one which goes from the solinoid to the turbo.the others go the egr and brake servo.
tdci stevie
Yes theres 2 in front of inlet manifold, 1 goes to EGR, 1 goes the top of turbo...
Are these the only vac pipes i need to be looking at...?
The vac pipe goes to the top of the turbo is that the wastegate actuator...?
How would you clean out the solenoids....?
Like i sais earlier i have not got any stored or pending diagnostic trouble codes showing on my Sealey.
yep thats the ones...take of the pipes, check any gunk... remove the valves and gently tap the body , see if any white powder (corroded aluminium) comes out...if really dirty u could spray with brake cleaner and blast with airline, make sure dry when refitting.... i had a transit tdci with simaler prob last week and they were very codes will show as the electrical side still works they are just blocked.....worth 10 mins of your time to check
tdci stevie
Checked Vac Solenoid and all clean plus good feel vaccum from it with engine running, vac pipe to actuator is ok no splits or damage, when i pulled vac pipe off of the vac solenoid it made a whoosh noise, depressurising i suppose...
Where else should i be looking for this flat spot problem, its definatly got me thinking its a vaccum issue now...
Any more ideas most appreciated...
tdci stevie
Could the actuator be sticking ?
Still getting problem dont know what area to look at next...?
I have exact same problem car was in for a service a week ago I did get a report back from ford and they said there was an intercooler pipe burst but as i fix cars i CANT find the burst pipe for some strange reason and not had any problems with it at all , Iv read on forums if a pipe has split there is a loud wooshing noise but mine sounds ok ! Now its started doing same as above im not sure if its this freezing cold ice outside , Car has been fine but now its doing this flat spot problem and glowplug light is flashing untill i stop and restart the engine and then it does it again and again also for the first time the engine managment light came on but went off after i took girlfriend to work and the car was nice and warm and parked car and restarted it , Any ideas would be great thank you ........

Just got more antifreeze il put it in later dont think thats the problem but it needs some anyway as ford said the stuff thats in it is not strong enough (cant mind but it was only protected to +10 or somthing)

Its a 06 plate 20. turbo diesel ghia (130)

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