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Full Version: Glow Plug/engine Management Light Stays On For 15 Secs Before Startup
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I bought a 2006 MK2 Ford Focus a few months ago. It's been running fine except that when you turn the ignition key into the 2nd position (when all the electrics and dashboard lights come on), the glow plug and engine management lights stay on for about 15 seconds. Also the electric windows, radio electrics don't comme on. Then the lights go out and the electric windows, radio etc come on. See video: [url=""][/url]

Now I didn't think this was unusual until I was told by a couple of other Ford diesel owners that the glow plug light shouldn't stay on for more than a couple of seconds, especially with the warm weather, glow plugs should only come on in very cold weather.

I thought it might be a faulty glow plug, so I bought and fitted new ones, but this hasn't solved it. Someone suggested a faulty glow plug relay?

Can anyone hazard a guess as to what may be causing this issue and what are the implications?

Has anyone else had similar issues?

I took a video to show what is happening:

I also note that your MAX Engine ROM light also stays on. May be worth taking to the dealer and having the fault codes read.
There is also a sticky at the top of this forum, with instructions for a self test, that will show up fault codes. have a read up, and see what you find.
I have a 1.8TDCi 2006, and the glow plug light stays on only 3-4secs from on, first thing in the morning.
I have already done a self diagnostics test and there were no fault codes. Do Ford charge a lot for a diagnostics test?
[quote name='paramaniac' date='05 August 2010 - 10:19 PM' timestamp='1281042549' post='91529']
I have already done a self diagnostics test and there were no fault codes. Do Ford charge a lot for a diagnostics test?

around 70 quid the sticky doesnt show up all codes from the look theres a fault in the system somewhere definately needs the codes read
Well the latest news is that after replacing the glow plugs and getting my mechanic buddy to look at the electrics, they seem fine and are actually turning off after 4 seconds. He reckons that it might be the glow plug relay which is faulty and keeping the light on even though the glow plugs have already turned off.

I've also bought an ELM327 OBD2 diagnostics cable for my laptop and this came up with no errors or DTCs.
Well I managed to solve the problem. It was a 7.5 fuse in the fuse box underneath the passenger side glove compartment. Replaced that and the fault has gone!

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