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Full Version: Streetka Pulling To Left Under Accleration
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Hi, i have a problem with my streetka, I bought the car about 2 months ago steering slightly pulled to left but i thought this would be down to tracking. all 4 tyres were worn on inner edges, i replaced the tyres and steering now pulls very badly to left side under hard acceleration, but if not hard on accleration car goes in a straight line with hands off the steering wheel. ive changed the following parts to try and sort the problem
-Near side bottom arm
-Near side track rod, as had excessive play
-Tracking,camber and caster all ok
-Car has been checked on jig, all measurements points are within spec, i.e car isnt bent underneath

But still have very bad problem of veering to left under hard accelation. Could the problem be with drive shafts or gearbox? (diff)

Anyone have any ideas? need help asap!
i suppose you have checked all the wheels are ok not just tyres.

remove both wheels frotn then remove the suspension pinch bolt so you can remove the drive shafts both sides

check them for wear
also try the following

check both lower suspension arms(wishbones)
if the rubber has detiriorated replace them
also do following

open boot lid & pull n push the car from side to side to check for any play in the rear
sub frame rubbers

you can see then just infron the rear wheel.
it's a simple bolt that holds them in place & they are pressed in iof you need to remove them
then ask here & i will trll you how i done mine.

it does sound like the lower suspension arm has failed to me

keep us posted m8

parts can be got from
Hi, I have just done what you said ( Move car from side to side ) no play in rear subframe bushes. Nearside front bottom arm has been replaced 2 days ago with a oe part. Theres no clicking or knocking noises from drive shaft when on lock?
Any other suggestions would be appreactiated,
When I first picked mine up in December, the handling was skittish. I found that the tyre pressures were very high; reducing them to the correct values transformed the handling. It's still twitchy, compared to the VW Polo diesel I used to drive, but I imagine that's the nature of the beast.


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