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Full Version: New Fiesta: Spare Wheel
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Sorry to bring this subject up again but really would appreciate some factual advice. I have the new Fiesta Edge 1.25 which has 15" x 6" wheels with 195/50 tyres. As with all the Fiesta models sold now it only comes with the inflator kit and no spare wheel. When I questioned the Main Dealer over the 30 wheel option they said this only applied if the car was ordered from the factory and the spare wheel option specified at that stage. All cars sold from dealer new stock only come with the inflator kit. They wanted 150 for spare wheel ,tyre and tools!

Question 1 - The only "spare" specified in the Fiesta brochure is described as steel 14" x 5.5". I don't understand how this can be compatible with my 15" x 6" standard wheels?

Question 2 - Is there a spacesaver spare available for the new Fiesta, as on the Focus? Or is the described "spare" in the Brochure in fact just a standard wheel?

Question 3 - Bearing in mind that I only want a spare, are there any generic wheels + tyre + tools that I could buy for the Fiesta Edge 1.25 as an alternative to paying for Ford produced items at 150? Any links to sources would be welcome. (Have looked for scrap items on the web but can't find anything).
I have 175 65 14 tyres and spare wheel. The spare tyre is 175 65 14 with no alloy wheel at all model in Turkey. ( 195 50 15 or 195 45 16 models) No space saver model are sold in our country. Bur your boot is larger than us. 10, 20 litre
zetec bevvie
I have a Fiesta Zetec 1.25 with 15" x 6" 195/50 tyres.

I requested a spare wheel at time of ordering. The car came from the Ford Holding Compound without a spare & it was the dealer who put a Spare 14" x 5.5" steel in for me together with tools, free of charge, when the car arrived at their dealership.

I think you have to stick to 40 or 50mph if using a different size spare & can only do so many miles on it.
more fiesta wheels than you can shake a stick at on eaby at the moment,,,,

try your local salvalge / breakers for the tools and bits you need , i think the average at the moment is around 30 for the tools and 50+ for an alloy

my friend is in the same situation he has just bought a tdci fiesta with no spare or tools and the price you quoted was the same he had from his dealer..not much consilation i know

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