Hi everyone,

I have just bought a shiny new 2004 Ford Focus st170 and I am loving it.
I just have a few questions about it which I hope you might be able to help me with.

The car is in perfect condition. I payed an AA mechanic to check it over thoroughly before I bought it and it was completely free of faults. This, however, makes me slightly nervous when driving it, especially when driving it fast, as I do not want to ruin anything on this perfect car.

My first question is this:
I have been caning my car quite a bit recently (I have only had it for a week) and I am thoroughly enjoying the power. I am worried, though, that this may have a negative effect on the engine (eg. gradual reduction in horsepower due to excessive wear or damage to the engine).
When caning it I rev it up to 7000 rpm in each gear. What affects may this have on the engine in the long term?

I don't intend on caning it every day. Just every now and then for fun.
How often is it ok to put my foot down up to 7000rpm in each gear without causing a loss of horsepower or any damage in the long run (the long run being about 4 years which is how long I intend to own the car).

I am very happy with the car and as you probably tell, I don't want to cause it any damage or wear it out during the time I own it.

Advice on to what extent I can cane it and how often (within what limitations) to keep it in good condition and minimise loss of horsepower over the next 4 years would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and looking forward to replies from all of you,