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Full Version: 2005 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 (Old Model)
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I have a 05 reg 1.6 Zetec Focus with 55k on the clock (purchased new). Recently it has has developed an intermittent problem with the gear selection or the clutch. Not being particularly mecanical I am not sure which although I tend to think it is the clutch as on two occasions it has actually stalled with the clutch pedel fully depressed. When you start out in a morning it is fine and it will remain that way as long as I don't have to do too many gear changes, but if I get stuck in traffic or as happened today trying to find a parking place in Tesco have constantly use the clutch, gear selection becomes progressively more difficult until it has to be forced in. I have had it in to the local garage who say that they can find nothing wrong. I think they just took it out for a test run when it was cold. they said I would have to wait until it failed. That doesn't seem a particully good answer. can anybody help?
I can tell you exactly what it is, as my 04 1.6 Zetec had exactly the same problem... Its the Clutch Master Cylinder, the Focus has a hyrdraulic clutch which uses fluid from the braking system.

One way to check is to start your car, select 1st gear, but keep your foot on the clutch, it should gradually come to the bite on its own accord (as its losing hydraulic pressure), and start moving off(Or stall if in gear, with the brakes on). You will also find it impossible to desect a gear if your foot has been on the clucth for about 10-15 seconds as the gear is engaged.

Thats the problem i had, i cant tell you how much it costs to fix though, i had just bought it from a garage with a 1 year warranty. It took them about 3.5 hours in total to fix

I hope this helps

(The answer you got from the garage is a bit poor imo, the dealership i bought it from said it could be one of 2 things, which they checked both out and found the fault - My car has been fine ever since)
Thanks for the reply. Rang the Ford main Dealer and they wanted to change the slave cylinder which they said was a big job and would cost approx 500 so I passed on that. I have booked it into a local independent who I have used before, they agree with you that it is probably the master cylinder and the cost will be 108 fitted. fingers crossed that it sorts the problem.
no bother mate, As far as im aware the slave cylinder is in the gearbox, prolly why its such an expensive job!

108 is not bad supplied and fitted!

Im 99% sure that it will sort the problem, as its almost identical to the problem i had ;)

Let us know how it goes

Same Car Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 2004 , same problem [color=#474747][font=sans-serif][size=3] Clutch Master Cylinder failure [/size][/font][/color]only am in Nairobi Kenya.

I would like to buy the part from UK . Can anyone recommend a good online shop
if they are doing the master cylinder youre as well having a clutch kit fitted god knows where english ford dealers get there prices i paid 300 and odd pounds for the whole kit inc labour
If its a hydraulic clutch, the first thing you should check is the level of fluid.

If it's low, try topping it up and seeing if that makes a difference. Happened to me on my first car ('83 Toyota Corolla!) and a bit more fluid got the clutch working fine again.

Of course it doesn't solve the problem of the underlying leak - if the fluid is low is must be escaping from the system somewhere - but it's not necessarily the master or slave cylinder. It could be a pipe or a fitting, which will be much cheaper to repair.

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