Hi everyone

Bit of a problem that has been doing my head in for over a year!

I have recently fitted a new pioneer head unit into my 05 ford focus. It has an ipod usb connection at the back, which I have got hooked up to a cradle for my iphone. The problem is whenever the iphone is in the cradle/ on charge, i cannot listen to the radio. I get awful static interference. As soon as i disconnect my iphone the interference is gone. I am assuming this is a problem with the ground?

I know it is not a problem with my head unit, as before i fitted the pioneer, I had an IO play (iphone bluetooth audio/hands free kit) fitted to my factor head unit. Whenever the IO play was on, i was getting static noise.

The noise isnt a humming noise that increases in pitch when my engine revs go up

As my work involves me traveling around 20k miles a year in my car, listening to my ipod can sometimes get repetitive and the radio would make a fresh change!!

Thanks in advance