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Full Version: Ok I Seemed To Have Been Awarded A New Title
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So what's this "Official SNP" title I appeared to have picked up below my avatar?

Now if I was to reside in Scotland I dare say I would indeed vote SNP. Talks a lot of sense that Alex Salmon, and not prepared to lay prostrate in front of a couple of American numb nuts Senators or Congressmen over the release of the guy convicted for the crime.

Anyway I digress, so come on Mods what's with the new title I've acquired? :rolleyes:

Edit: by the way I don't for one minute think the guy planted the bomb. So sod it I will digress, it was not the Libyans, it was the Iranians who planted the bomb. But in proving that would expose a CIA organised and controlled network that allowed drug couriers to use that Pan Am flight on a regular basis. The money from the drugs allowed the CIA to secretly fund a war in South America after the US Senate had turned the money tap off that had been funding the war previously. Hence the brief cases where never subject to security checks in Germany. A US warship have earlier that year shot down an Iranian civilian airliner killing 290 civilians on board [the plane was in Iranian air space, and the war ship was in Iranian territorial waters]

The Iranians knew the US was using gangsters in the Middle East to run the courier racket. So all they had to do was arrange for the drugs to be replaced by a bomb, in the knowledge it would get on board the Pan Am flight no trouble...........and the rest as they say is History.

As Mulder would say.........the Truth is out There
It's a normal post-related title - and nobody has a clue what it means :lol:

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