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Full Version: Focus 1.8Tdci Headlight?
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Hi all. Im new to ford. Only had my focus 3 days and love it so far.
Right well i brought it cheap and it needed a new headlight. So i got one and fitted that today. One problem. The button inside the car which makes the headlight go up and down doesnt work with the headlight. the otherside works and on the old headlight it worked im sure. is that a wire or something i missed? If anyone can explain or maybe take a pic of how to fix it please send me one :D
Also does anyone know which auto leads i would need. its a 2001 mk1 focus with tape player. there also isnt a control on steering wheel if that helps. i tried looking for them but cant find them. its got 3 wires in back of the tape player.

Thank you all!
the tape player is rds 4000 if that helps
[quote name='tazz786' date='22 August 2010 - 09:48 PM' timestamp='1282509499' post='94232']
the tape player is rds 4000 if that helps

not sure about the light mate does it have the levelling motor on it? did you get it from a car with the leveling switch? as for the lead you need this picture 5
i dont know about a motor to be honest. i got it brand new from shop just thought it would be a straight swap but doesnt look that way. the wires you sent aswel.. ive already brought one and they dont click in. every shop i go in seems to have the same ones.

brought some and they just will not clip in. also theres only 2 wires where as the tape player has 3 in back of it

thanks for the reply :D
Does anyone know about the headlight?
Ive got the cd player sorted now just to headlight left now
you can get headlights with or without the servo motor so check your light has the motor.
Sorry to sound stupid but how woulf i find out if it does or doesnt?


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