Just been to view a Fusion, first one we've looked at but to be honest there isn't much else around so we may go for it.

Its a 53 reg 1.6 petrol Fusion 2, 50k, black, quickclear screen, aircon, CD player, good tyres and service history. Its got a few minor scratches and a couple of fag burns on the passenger seat, other than that it looks good. He is asking £2600 (private sale) which although above book price, appears competitive locally.

One thing that concerns me is one of the fluid reservoirs was low, pink fluid on drivers side of the engine bay. It was very low (2 thirds down but couldn't find the max/min lines) but no warning lights on dash when we drove it round the car park. (proper test drive later in week) I'm guessing this is the coolant as I identified brake and power steering reservoirs separately. Do the warning lights operate in good time on the Fusion or is there a chance it could have develop air locks or localised overheating?

MOT runs out next month and air con doesn't work, we have offered to pay him to get the MOT done but he wasn't keen but we won't be buying it unless he agrees! The aircon probably just needs a re-gas, but if it needs a new compressor or other parts is this likely to be expensive? Had a look through the service book but couldn't find any details for cambelt on the petrol engines, can anyone tell me when its due and whether there are any other additional service items that are likely to dent my wallet? I will do the basic servicing myself.

Thanks for any advice, particularly on the coolant levels and cambelt.