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Full Version: Focus Engine Noise
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southside focus
Hi guys, I have a focus zetec 1.8 2004, everyday I have this rattling noise coming from the engine, it dont seem to affect performance but really annoying. It happens most mornings for 2seconds when I turn the engine on and then it happens between 2500 and 3500 revs in all gears meaning everytime i change gear (push clutch) you hear a rattle. any ideas please???????
cheak your heat shield urder
the car sometime comes lose hope this helps
southside focus
cheers mate I checked the heat shield all seems ok think it could be a bit more serious, sounds like noise is coming from the actual engine under the spark plugs
So it happens when you depress the clutch and as the revs drop past 3,500RPM and 2,500RPM it rattles/knocks ? Sounds like possibly leaking injectors to me, as when they leak it leads to "pre-ignition" and causes "spark-plug knock", usually that happens at idle (does with my Fiesta) but can happen at specific RPM's.
Won't be your clutch, as:

1) The noise is coming from the engine
2) When the clutch is depressed it's not connected to the engine so there would be no reason for it to only happen at 2,500RPM-3,500RPM.

If you're not mechanically minded get a mechanic to give it a once over and see what he thinks
southside focus
cheers for that info, I have to get it checked out as im not familiar with the injectors. how much you reckon it will cost if it is a problem? or if I get a haynes would it be easy enough to do it myself?

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