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Full Version: 99' 1.8Td Escort Van - Urgent Help Needed With Running Problems
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Hi there i'm new to the site so please bear with me!! ;)

I have a 99 Escort Van 1.8td non intercooler that is poorly!
Have owned it since april and was fine for the first couple of months.
It then sporadically started to be a pain to start in the mornings. When it did start it would run lumpy, kicking out a bit of smoke, be down on power and after a few hundred yards, would clear and fly off down the road ( well, within reason!!)
Once it was warm you could stop and start it quite happily, but i did notice that when to turned the ignition, you would get a buzz for about 2 secs from the little black unit on top of the fuel pump and it will start ok.
As of late, it doesn't make the buzzing noise and is a pig to start hot or cold, drinks more fuel, is constantly down on power and runs lumpy on idle.

Things i have changed so far :-
Glow plugs (and checked power is getting to them)
Fuel Filter
Engine Management Temp Sensor
Oil/Filter change

I'm sure the turbo is ok because my middle box is blowing at the moment and when i pull away i can here the turbo spooling up.

PLEASE HELP!!!!! I don't know what to do next????

Many thanks in advance! :D
Had this problem with a 1.8 TDI Escort, turned out to be Light Load Advance Solenoid on the injector pump. Also worth checking the pump timing to make sure its OK.

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