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Full Version: Not A I've Just Recently Bought A Ford And It's Been A Now't But Trouble Purchase
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As the title says, not what you normally find on car help forums, so I thought I'd try and address the balance a bit.

I'm five weeks short of owning this car a full year, I purchased it at four years old from a Ford Main Dealer as a "Franchise Approved" offering. It had had two previous owners, but it came with a 37.5k full service [having 32.7k on the clock] and a 12 month Auto Trust Formula One warranty supplied by the dealer, which has not up to press been needed. It's taken me down Cornwall on my jollies did the trip down in six hours that's inclusive of a combined meal and toilet break. Covering a total of 1,100 miles in that eight day period. And all the time I've had it, it has not missed a beat, nor have I had the need to spend any money on it.

Well I say that, I did know of a rust issue on the early Mk2's on the front wheel arches. But I caught it early and sorted it out for little money with some Hammerite "Rustcure" and some touch up paint, £11 in total. And I did treat it to a set of front mudflaps, and some stainless steel sill protectors another £61 in total, but that's it in the adornments department. Oh and for my own peace of mind I had my mechanic rotate the tires whilst he had all four wheels off to inspect and clean the brakes. As I know you cannot trust the dealers to take the tires off even on the major services, and I was proved right as there was a fair bit of brake dust build up in there. Anyhow that cost me £40, but as the car was new to me and I was about to belt off down the motorway. I reckoned knowing my brakes were in fine fettle was money well spent. And though there was a bit of dust in there, they where in excellent condition as it happens.

So what you can say is, I spent circa £113 on preventative measures, as against forced repair costs because it was a duff motor. Anyway I just thought I would give the Ford brand credit where it was due.


Edited: It took six hours down to Cornwall not five, a journey of 365 miles.
fine specimen of a car you've got there :)

I love my mk2 focus so much :)
[quote name='MrrNoName' date='06 September 2010 - 04:57 PM' timestamp='1283788071' post='96196']
fine specimen of a car you've got there :)[/quote]

Cheers, the Tonic Blue does come up well after a wash and rub down with a leather. As it lives outside I usually give it a wash once every two weeks. Last wax it had was prior to our Cornwall trip back end of May. Off up Northumbria sometime soon, so I dare say I'll give it another waxing before we set off. I don't use anything special, I think it's Turtle Wax. I've had the can over five years but must admit I was a bit lacked in the polishing department with our last Focus.

[quote]I love my mk2 focus so much :)

Focus's are very common on the roads, that's the down side to them. But they are a great car nonetheless, and I never cease to enjoy driving them.
Now fifteen months into ownership with 39,200 miles on the clock, and back in early October it had it's first interim service and MOT since I purchased it, cost me 122 in total.

At this service I found out I had the common [for early builds of the Mk2 Focus] water in spark plug ports problem. 26 in replacement washer jets and a smearing of silicone grease sorted that out. I've also treated myself to new front wipers 10, but I've kept the old set as they passed the MOT. And I had the need to replace the remote key fob battery at 4, as the remote stopped working. But try as I may, I could not get it to reprogram, but the local Ford dealer sorted it free gratis.

I also fit a couple of new premium grade tyres at a cost of 146 back in October 2010, due to having a slow puncture [screw in tyre] Pity as I was not looking to replace the rear tyres until May 2011. But I reckon a full set of tyres all round should last me at least three years, possibly nearer four years if I'm lucky.

So all in all for a 5.25 year old car I'm very happy with what it's cost me so far. OK another set of tyres for the front axle some time this year, but barring accidents I cannot see any additional costs this side of the next service and MOT. :)
Im really happy with the Focus reliability. I bought mine new in March 09 and the only money spent after 23.5k miles have been on upgrades and normal services. Not a single penny on anything else (not even a bulb or tyre). Think I will hang on to this for sometime yet.
at 66,000 miles, my focus has had a replacement alternator and battery, due to ford's cr*ppy locking wheel nuts, it has had to have an alloy wheel cut off, and replaced, and three of a set of four new locking wheel nuts from Ford ended up shattering in the middle.... I am sure to get caught up with the dreaded DPF, and after an accident it has had a new bonnet under sill and plastic bits.

Ford's @parts first have annoyed me as they claim that I need to buy a new set of locking wheel nuts and they will inspect the others for damage (not happening!) and that has put me off the customer service aspect...

All in all, my car seems to be a runt of the litter...
Yes you have experienced some bad luck by the sounds of it. Funny thing is the reason I always seem to come back to Fords is because I've found them to be so reliable. OK been rust buckets in the past if you hung on to them long enough, which I tended to do. But mechanically I always found them to be very reliable.

There is always a risk when buying old motors, but think of all the depreciation somebody else had to swallow prior to you getting hold of it.
I am much tempted to go to the dark side (Vauxhall) and I would rather suffer depreciation, and get 100,000 miles warranty than to go through half of what I have already done...

That was another problem, the fuel filter developed damage that then allowed air through, so far in 18 months, my car has cost me 1400 in repairs...
ford focus edge
Im bloodey surprised how tough the focus's are the only thing ive needed to replace so far in coming up to 3yrs of ownership is a rear wheel bearing all the other stuff is due to me breaking it or modding it haha.

Even though next time its a vauxhall for me the fords been a good trusty companion thats cost me eff all taken LOADS of torture and abuse yet shown nothing but dependability when the day finally dawns that its failed an mot or i can afford the astra i want (sri xp 150 diesel) the focus will be put out to stud.

When the focus does go though im tempted to leave a little note in the handbook for the next owner "please be good to this car its been good to me signed previous owner 1/5/08 - -/-/-" haha :P
jeebowhite, you and hawker both seemed to have ended up with "bum steers" as he spent circa that money on his 56 plate 1.6 tdic. I wonder how he is going on with his petrol Mazda 6. Don't now if it's just bias on my side, but most problems on here seem to be with 1.6 diesel engined motors, there again 1.8 problems seem rife.

I keep thinking of the potential savings of running a 1.6 tdic Mk2.5, better fuel economy, cheaper tax. Even with my low mileage spreadsheet indicates savings of £260 per annum running costs. Flog it before it needs a DPF replacement and that goes up to £370 saving per annum over 5 years of ownership [buying at a year old] Then again I think, bugger all seems to go wrong with the petrol engined the end of the day I suppose it's horses for courses.

ford focus edge, I had a wheel bearing replaced on my mk1 1.8 Zetec back in 2008 at 75K. My mechanic charged me £50 supplied and fitted....happy days. That's all that ailed it, well apart from at 79k new discs and pads on the front and a new clutch [£400 Dec 2008] Then some prat wrote it off in a head on collision 10 days later.......I dare say I'd be running it now if it was not for that [cost me £3495 back in March 2005, it was 6 years old 57K on the clock when I bought it]got £2200 from the Insurance for it 3 years later.
ford focus edge
I wouldnt mind about the bearing but it was the day i passed my test with a car full of women so wasnt the best time.Lad i went to school with has got the 1.8 tdci zs on a 10 plate n its been back 3 times under warranty with engine faults god knows what though nice looking car but id deffo go for the 2.0 pecky.

Id love it if i parked my focus up and then a artic ran into the back of it and wrote it clean off get sod all of the insurance but then i can get a 5 door 1.8 or 2.0 zetec haha. Only real issue with mine at the moment is the trim on the drivers seat keeps falling off for no reason all the clips are pressed in im tempted to just bond it on what you reckon?
[quote name='ford focus edge' timestamp='1295121404' post='110043']
Id love it if i parked my focus up and then a artic ran into the back of it and wrote it clean off

I so wish that would happen too. and I wish I could get rid before the DPF fails, problem is I cant afford it. My monster currently costs 186.18 a month, with a bill of about 5 grand left to pay on the bloody thing, I just cant afford to buy another car and push those payments up by 50%...

At least if it was written off, then the money would go to the finance company, and then I would at least only have a small bill to carry over to another finance company.

Sorry Ford, but this car has put me off! I would have loved to go up to the mondeo but I just cba with the hassle, and stress, and the poor service of the parts department. on a plus note, I am on first name terms with the girls in my local dealers service yard, and they do put a lot of effort in to ensure that when I do go in, they do look after me.

Only good thing about my car now is the service plan, I am finding the 10% discount on parts and fitting invaluable!!

Vauxhall... if your as nice to me, you can be guaranteed my business in the probably not so distant future!!!

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