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Full Version: Mondeo Steering Wheel Shaking When Braking
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I have a New Mondeo shape on a 57 plate. About five months ago the steering wheel started to shake when braking at 30 mph and above. Took it into the dealaship as it was still under Warranty and they said the disks were distoted and it was not covered under the Warranty. I paid to have it done by another very well known garage. After only five months the problem has now come back and the garage are due to look at it for me.

Does anybody know what the cause of this is or has anybody had this problems ? The car is now out of Warranty.
defiantly sounds like warped disc, although how its happened twice is beyond me. When you are at junctions or red lights do you sit on the foot brake, because that can cause it. Other than that maybe the pads are not fully disengaging from the disc and there is a build up of heat.
Definitely sounds like a disc/pads problem. could be worth a check too to see if you handbrake is fully working. had a similar fault in the family years ago. even tho the handbrake was down, the discs were still tight
This happened to me about 15 months ago. Vibration started small then got gradually worse. It was most noticeable breaking at low speeds first. My tyres were low on tread, so I had them replaced and the wheel wobble completely disappeared! I was expecting to need the steering set up or discs checked too, but the tyres sorted it. It was bizarre. Strangely I have only two weeks agao had to replace the tyres again and in the last few days I have started to detect a slight vibration when breaking. I can only think that the steering set up is paricularly sensitive to tyre imbalance caused by tyre wear.
i would have it checked for brake bind, a pausible cause for a warped disc..

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