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Full Version: Easy On For A Mechanic
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Right I have brought a tin of wynns egr cleaner for my 1.8 tdci focus, all set to do it tonight and could not work out where to spray it in, on YouTube there is a vid but where they are spraying it looks like the turbo on mine, I may be wrong.
If anyone knows this would be great a picture would be exellent, any help would be appriciated as want to get this done.
By the way the topic title is ment to say one not on.

Anyway where I was gonna spray it is as you look at the engine on the top left a big silver thing , there is a big pipe that comes off the left hand side and goes off and down which looks like it's going to the bottom of the radiator.

Please please someone confirm this is where you spray it :)
got this of internet it should help

oops forgot file will resend it
this is the file
[quote name='alz' date='14 September 2010 - 03:59 PM' timestamp='1284479399' post='97218']
this is the file

cheers, I been told to remove the air box lid and spray it onto the throttle body I presume this is where the air filter is.
So just spray it in the air in take instead of air ? ?
Thats right, instead of air.
Cheers thanks for the help gonna give it ago tomorrow night, really nervous though but wanna do it so I can learn how to and do it often.
Done the wynns egr spray tonight , it's great, when I started I was sh****g myself.
Removed the pipe going to the manifold and the smoke coming out was unbelieveble, started spraying the stuff in and the smoke got worst and worst and the engine sounded really Rough, but as I got through the spray the smoke dissapered and the engine just started to get smother and smother by the time I finished the can the engine was purring along beautifully , took it for a drive and the car feels like a different car, running so smooth and no juddering or nothing.
Well worth doing for 6, makes you feel better and that the engine is running nice and sweet again.
Thanks to everyone who help with the info.

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