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Steve N57
I have a 2004 Mondeo TDCi 130 (230,000 miles - yes you read correctly). 12 months ago had a new set of injectors fitted and car ran fine until about a month ago. I now have two problems, although I wonder if they are related - I suspect they may be.
First problem occurs on starting from cold, engine does one of two things. 1 - fires up but only idles at about 600rpm and will not rev. after anything from 10 seconds to 1 minute idle speed increases to about 750-800 rpm and engine behaves normally. 2 - fires up but revs are "all over the place" - anything between 500 and 1500 - and lots of "blue smoke".
Second problem occurs when I "wind it up" above about 3500 rpm, at which point car goes into "safe" mode and glow plug warning light flashes. This element of problem disappears if I stop the car, turn off and re-start.
I have had injectors checked by a specialist who advised all OK and readings within acceptable parameters. Local Ford dealer (who I must admit I do not trust one iota) says I need a new turbo-charger!?
My local garage checked out and advises two codes logged - P1608 (injection pump internal fault) and P2263 (unknown fault - turbo boost pressure performance problem). I am told one fault could trigger the other and replacement of injection pump is going to set me back something in excess of 1000.
Does any body have any suggestions - apart from drive the car into the nearest deep water and forget about it?
fault code p2263 points towards a turbo actuator problem,it could be that the vanes in the turbo are gunged up not allowing the actuator arm to move or its the actuator itself.when you start the car the actuator arm should move back and forth, if it does not unclip the arm from the actuator and see if it moves the turbo arms freely without sticking. if the arms are sticking the turbo can be stripped down and cleaned, if its the actuator itself it usually means a new turbo but somebody on ebay has started to repair them.
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