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Full Version: Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Help
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Hi!! All

im new to the forum

i have a 2000 W reg Ford Focus 1.8Zetech

i am having the following problem with it

every time i change gear the engine rev's itself
this doesnt happen when i am idleing
when the engine rev's i take it out of gear and take my foot of the clucth and it stops to rev's and goes back to normal
i have disconnected the battery and waited 30mins before connecting it after connecting the battery again i drove at different speeds for like 20mins e.g reving it to the red in 1st 2nd gear followed by slow driving but didnt fix the problem
i am just hoping its not a big problem
the focus is chipped
please help :(
it could be the icv that requires cleaning or an air leak in one of the vac pipes.
Thank you for your reply
i just cleaned the icv
and checked the vac pipe which is also fine
and the problem is still there..
any other ideas?
[quote name='Londonguy123' date='16 September 2010 - 08:37 AM' timestamp='1284622079' post='97429']
Thank you for your reply
i just cleaned the icv
and checked the vac pipe which is also fine
and the problem is still there..
any other ideas?

check the butterfly valve on the throttle isnt sticking carbon build up can cause it to stay open slightly and cause the revs give it a gentle clean then try if that fails check nothing is jamming the throttkle cable has any one messed around with the throttle stop screw car should idle when warm at 670-730 any higher then turn the throttle stop screw down till the rpm is right
how much does it over rev?
mine does this sometimes foot on the clutch to change gear ant the revs rise about 250 - 300 its not alot,
any thoughts,?
still waiting for my Haynes to come. grrrr
Hi im also having this problem with my focus,feels like acelerator sticks when chnage gear,seems to be a common problem with focus,any help will be great,thanks.
i'm also having this problem with my 2001 focus, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have the accelerator pedal sensor checked out, its a ford job though unfortunately, i had this problem on my focus last year and it turned out to be this. Luckily for me it was still under warranty.
i also have the very iritating problem, any more ideas as to what this could be anyone?
appart from the revving my fuel consumption has gone high.. guessing the added revving has caused this?
HELP !!! i've got exactly the same problem with my 1.8 2000 reg zetec .which solution cured the problem if any ?
The problem is down to the Throttle Position Sensor and it will need replacing. This is a very common thing that goes wrong on the Zetec engines and I had the same problem with my 1.25 Fiesta. The new sensor costs around £30 and takes 5 minutes to change.


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