Hi ok I have got most of my engine stripped so I can remove the head and get skimmed but have a couple of questions...

1. Are Ebay parts any good? I need a complete gasket kit and there is nearly a 20 difference between ebay example and local factors. Maybe ebay is less quality or the other kits are more complete?
2. Also I need a replacement water pump is it worth looking at ebay again?

Regards the head removal I am at the point I need to remove the main pulley, before accessing the timing belt. Heynes manual states to jam a screw driver into the ring gear after removal of the starter. However the space is so big that it is impossible to jam a screwdriver anywhere and even if I can it easily jumps out. Any tips here will be welcome! BTW tried in gear and there is too much play for my liking..

I think that is it for now if anyone has any tips I would welcome them!