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Full Version: Towbar Wiring
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Hi all

I'm new to the site and already i need your help. I've just fitted a detachable westfalia towbar to my S max and was hoping someone might be able to give me a few pointers with the wiring. The company i got it from (towequipe)suggested i should fit a 7 way bypass relay to stop the dash doing crazy things in the event of a bulb blowing on the trailer etc. There is a few things i'm not too sure of.

1) The 7 way bypass relay needs its own 12v perm live. Can i just take a tap (with inline fuse) from the rear (boot) aux power socket? as this would save me having to run a seperate cable direct from the battery.

2) Does all the main wiring loom run up one side of the car to the back lights or does it split upfront and run down both sides? I obviously need to get a feed from both indicators and both tail lights? This will decide which side of the car i put the relay on (although initial invest leads me to the n/side.

And The Long Shot...

3) Does anyone have a good copy of the S Max wiring diagrams which they would be willing to let me have a copy of?Either for cash or out of the goodness of their hearts... (Haynes don't do a manual and have no plans to either apparently!)

Thanks in anticipation of your help

Hi, Stu, and welcome.

Yes, you can take a tap from the rear 12V socket -I've done that on mine (with a Witter bar), and it works OK. Don't know about how the wiring runs, though - I had a wiring kit, and I just plugged in as instructed.
If you do get any luck with the wiring diagrams, I'd appreciate a copy, a link, or an email address - I want to do lots of wiring jobs, and I'm stuck from lack of info.

hey guys, if you pm me with your reg and chassis number ill send you the wiring diagrams, please specify which ones you require though as there are quite a few

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