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Full Version: Ranger Remote Fob
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Ok Guys, so it seems i asked the impossible, no one was able / willing to give advice on getting extra keys to work on my 2oo5 Ranger. So, off to the main Ford dealer who didn't want to know to start with but agreed to do the job in the end which involves buying two blank 'Chipped' keys at 40-00 each + vat, paying a locksmith 10-00 to cut the new keys then returning the vehicle and the newly cut keys to the dealer who battled with it for a week or so then decided to get on to Ford technical who then issued a code to the dealer who then put it into my trucks computer which then allowed the new keys to be programmed, Great, that alone cost me another 229-00! OUCH.
What else can you do, if the main dealer says that's what you have to do and everyone else who is willing to comment says take it to the dealer then the dealer has you over a very large barrel!

NEXT, To go with my 'new keys' which work a treat now, i would like to include a working remote fob (as the vehicle had one when new) the dealer (Bless him) wants something in the order of 190-00 for 'one remote key fob'. This is getting out of hand so i have just purchased one off of ebay and am now looking for the procedure to programme the fob to the trucks 'computer'. My handbook states that the dealer will tell me how but i have a sneaky suspicion that this will involve even more amounts of hard earned cash, so come on guys, any of you know the sequence?

Hoping someone out there can help, i would be extreeeeeemly grateful.

not had much dealings with the ranger but this may help.
The above method is for the US Ranger. UK Ranger method is attached. Better late than never ;).
ok this is something i had huge problems with, it was a very well kept secret. Anyway, now being good friends with a mechanic at mazda i now know and i want everyone who had the same problem as me (and doesnt want to fork out silly money) find this so here goes:

get in your truck leave the drivers door open
key in the ignition, switch to on for a second and then on too off 3 times, finishing in the off position
press the drivers door light button 3 times (little black button near the bottom of the door pillar)
the doors will lock and the unlock, your now in programming mode,
press lock button on the keyfob, the doors should lock then unlock twice
hey presto your keyfob is programmed! so ridiculous aye!

bearing in mind this was on my 2005 ford ranger and im not sure if it works on all years but try it anyways and if it does let everyone know!
hi there
i had the same issue
quoted £120 of a dealer for a new remote
i just bought one of ebay ( make sure the numbers match as there is more than one frequency)
then programmed it myself, the instruction can be found with the help off goggle or wikipedia
but again beware there is more than one method
total cost £35
and works perfect
Thank you so much for posting the fob solution. My remote locking now works again :D

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