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Full Version: Reverse Sensor Problem
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When I put the car into reverse for about 2 seconds i get a low pitch tone, but it the changes to a constant tone as if I have backed right upto something.

Does anyone know where I can find the sensor module in the car ( Focus 04 2.0 Ghia).

Thinking about disconnecting it to reset the module.

Any help or ideas would be greatful.

Cheers Chris.
if this ia an aftermarket fit, it should fit behind or around one of the rear lights.
ford focus edge
Mines tucked up under the carpet in the boot on the left hand side that thats an aftermarket kit not 100% sure about the ford one though
ford usually use the x vision parking system and hide the box behide one of the side panels, it sounds like you have a dodgy sensor,when you find the box dissconect the sensors one by one to find the culprit.
My mum's 3 series did something simmilar, when you engaged reverse you would hear a rapid 'bong' as if really close to something, if the sensors all operate on a simmilar concept then try the following.

Turn your ignition key so the dash lights come on...dont start the engine

Engage reverse

go round to the rear of your car, and press your ear against each of the sensor should hear a faint "clicking" noise

If i remember rightly, you should hear a regular click click click (around 2 clicks per second)

if one is clicking faster it may be faulty. But first grab some cotton wool, and some nail polish remover, and clean each sensor thoroughly. My mums were black unpainted sensors, if they are painted you may want to use something else like rubbing alcohol, as acetone may damage the paintwork

This worked for her beemer

Hope this helps


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