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Full Version: Service on fiesta 7530 mile
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Hello again

Once again i have my weekend and yet what am i doing im always down the ford parts place before it closes buying various bits and pieces well i serviced my mrs car today and jesus christ im glad i did we just changed the oil and filter the oil was black and really like treacle lol

she said i thought oil was ment to be black lol


Oil 13.19

Oil Filter 2.74

Sump Plug (Comes with washer)


serive total 20.32

How about that hey for your first service not bad in all is it

there just seems to be a slight problem now the exhaust has started to make a popping noise like take it up to 3000 example and then it will drop revs but make a short popping sound my focus does this all the time but mrs fiesta does it now i dont worry about it as i know there is a stone in mine (DAMN KIDS) but any ideas what this could be u lot

P.s i will get some pics up of the manky oil lol

looks like your fast becoming the oil and filter king and no drain experditions this time,was the air filter clean when you serviced the car ?
Yeah it was i checked about 1 week ago but you reckon something could be blocking it now i will have anthor check today

its just that poping is usually caused by unburnt fuel in the exhaust if the air filter was dirty it could of been screwing up the mixture its just the first thing to check before further investigation
Well just had a look and mrs airbox was a little bit loose and the air filter was very dirty im feling a k&n stock filter for her car as the popping was only slight i notcied as wlel you know the sponge that little one in the air box they get dirty and cause problems so i turned hers round and it sounds ok for now

Another good cheap service there!

You'll have to start doing cheap services for members :unsure:
I was thinking that i mean lets say i charge you 30 to change oil air plugs cos remeber i have to get rid of the waste oil properly now due to heavy fines


any ideas on the exhaust noise i mena it has gone down a lot but still not gone i spoke to my mechanic at work andy and he said if it gets worse theres a problem if not just leave itsounds fine to me its a ford lol they always make strange noises

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