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Full Version: Few Problems That Id Apreciate Some Help :)
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hi all, just a few problems that i need some help with.

its a Y reg 1.8 zetec with 90k on the clock

#1: from the front end theres a knocking noise when i turn like if somethings not tighened properly (iv had a look under and all seems ok but dont know really what im looking for?) i know its not the cv joints etc though. someone said drop links or something but i thought i better check with the people on here who probs know more before i start go spending money on everything.

#2: when i change gear the revs go higher before they drop, more noticeable as you go faster up ther gears and more so in 1st gear and 2nd gear.

thanks in advance
Focus is cool

My best guesses

1 Have you had both front wheels in the air and checked for play on the wheel bearings and track rod ends?
Also try turning the wheels by hand (while they are in the air) to see if there is any "notchiness" in the rack.
In fact check for play in any of the suspension components , it will be usefull if you can get assistance with
waggling any parts while you check for play.

2 Does the engine respond well on the accelerator when you rev it in neutral? if not it will most likely need expert
diagnosis as these modern cars are really hard to diagnose by any DIY mechanic IMO.

Hope this "helps" good luck.
this could be a number of things, you need to get the car jacked up on both sides, have someone turn the steering wheel so that you can look at the moving parts, check drop links / track control ball joints / suspension lower arm ball joints and bushes, if there is play you will see it, its just a case of looking , if you find nothing have a look at the rear, there are a lot of bars bushes and rods on the rear frame, and donít forget to check the wheel nuts, you would be amazed how many people forget this..
not sure about the steering but had this revving problem on my fiesta. How far up do the revs go? How long does it hold before they drop?

Its usually caused by the vehicle speed sensor, throttle position sensor, or a handful of other sensors. It can be a NIGHTMARE to correctly diagnose, especially without out a code reader. Probs best bet is getting a mate with a code reader to give it a scan or get a garage to scan it.

When I scanned my fiesta it came back with "Throtle Position Sensor Out Of Range" I changed the TPS and but the problem and error code was still there, and kept re-appearing when cleared. I never did get to the bottom of the problem. sorry cant be more help!
a common possibility for the revs is the ICV - idle control valve.
thank you for all your replies, im going to get under it and have a good look and check for play etc as advised, as for the revs, how long they stay up or go up depends how much i floor the car.. basicaly though goes up a few hundred and sticks for a second or 2.. i know it sounds like its not worth complaining about but i know its not suposed to be like this and when im in the next gear i feel like im still in the last one because changing takes so long... iv recently had a speedo sensor fitted as that sent the car crazy witha bouncing speedo and cutting out etc... p.s i know it needs a wheel bearing on the front as driver side is humming and will order one tomorrow.. but wouldnt of thought this would cause a knock? as on my mates focus it just hummed and then grinded when it was left too long before getting replaced.. if anyone has any more tips or things to look for then feel free.. im all ears

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