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Full Version: Engine Rough Running Then Stops After Start When Warm.
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Hi all!

Quick query - I have a MK 3 (2006) TDCI 115, and have had this problem since I bought the car a couple of months ago, but haven't taken it in yet as it doesn't happen particularly often.

First of all, when started from cold, the engine fires straight away, although runs a little rough for two or three seconds with the check engine light on, but this stops (along with the extinguishing of the light) very quickly. A friend of mine has advised this is probably a cylinder not firing immediately but then cutting in. This is something I will have looked at as and when I can afford to, but am concerned it may be causing (or be caused by) another problem.

The problem occurs when the engine is warm - the engine will start, but run very roughly, eventually stopping itself after a second or two, although when I realise this is going to happen I switch it off myself straight away to prevent the roughness. It has never taken more than four attempts to fire, although nine times out of ten starts the second time.

Also, if you stop the engine then attempt a start straightaway (within a couple of minutes), this usually never presents a problem. I estimate the greatest likelihood for it to manifest is anywhere betweeen 2 minutes and 2 hours of stopping the engine.

I've been trying to run and pay for my fuel quickly in recent times!

All the best and many thanks,


edited to add - Oil and all other levels are fine and checked every few days.
has the egr valve been cleaned out lately,if its clogged up or sticking it could throw up the symptoms your getting.
[quote name='mintalkin' date='26 September 2010 - 08:33 AM' timestamp='1285489421' post='98688']
has the egr valve been cleaned out lately,if its clogged up or sticking it could throw up the symptoms your getting.


Many thanks for the help - that's just what I was looking for, a small push in the right direction before I take the car in. Gives me something to say when I go in!

I'll steer clear of touching the engine myself, I'm not the best hands on person in the world when it comes to cars! But thanks for the article nonetheless.

Ben Spray

Mine does exaclty the same, I had the EGR off and it was pretty dirty, cleaned it up and the inlet manifold while I was there and its made no difference to the starting issue (did help the fuel economy though)
I was told that there could be a software fix available from Ford...
Let me know what cures yours if you get it sorted soon, I'll be taking mine in next time the temperature gauge stops working and get both problems sorted at once so I'll repost if that happens soon!


I had this on my 2005 TDCI 130. I tried cleaning the EGR and as you say no improvement. I finally got it sorted by getting ford to perform and ECU update and then recalibrating the injectors. Cost 90 and the car ran sweet as a nut after that.

Hope this helps

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