Well i'm in the middle of my Ford econocheck.
This ford gizmo initiative is connected to the obd computer port and is collecting info on my driving habits in an attempt to improve my fuel economy.
After a week of collecting data, ford gets the gizmo back and a week later issues me with a driving report, which will tell me if i'm half decent or poor in the fuel economy stakes.
Advice is then supplied in order to achieve improvements.
So for all of us who regularly condemn the cmax fuel economy, this should demonstrate if it is the car or my right foot causing mpg issues.
For a 30 point car check (tyres,brakes,air filter condition etc ) the report costs 30, but you get a 15 BP super fuel voucher and 15 off your next service, so not bad.
If my report gives me the green light, my first question to ford will be how come i'm 10 miles per gallon down on fords mpg figures if my car and my driving turn out ok.
Give it a go gang......what have you got to lose.

mr rugby