My car is currently in a Ford garage being drag back from death, however I would like some second opinions before a costly operation is undertaken.

If there is a lot of surface water then I get a EAC (electronic accelarator control) message appear and I loose power. It is normally okay again shortly afterwoulds or until Enginegets really hot.

Recently if I leave the car standing a few days and it is wet then the car won't start. Everything turns over and it doesn't fire. This is now getting worse. Normally if you leave it long enough (until it dries out), it starts first time again.

A nice AA man determined that no Fuel was getting into the engine (sprayed some fuel gas and it started to turn over).

Now....The garage state there is a fault on the third electronic injector, which they want to replace (at a cost of about 500.00) but have warned it could be its main brain, which would be an additional 900+.

I have a feeling that it is the brain, rather than the injector but they obviously know a lot more about the car than I do.

My concerns are that they will have it in the garage for a few days, the car will dry out, they will replace the injector, and it will start, and actually it would have probably started anyhow because it has dried out.

Anyone got any thoughts?

Kind Regards