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Full Version: Ford Mondeo 2.2 Tdci Wont Start---- Please Help!!!
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Basically I have an intermitant problem that started a few days ago.

I was picking my nephew up from school when I took a corner in the wrong gear, the car stalled so I pulled over turned the ignition off then went to restart, but this didnt work. Instead of all the lights lighting up on the dash only 3 lit up, they were the Airbag light, the oil light and the Low washer fluid warning light. I left the car for about 10 minutes when I returned the car fired up 1st time.

It then happened again I had just got home from picking the wife up from work, pulled on to my drive turned the car off, opened the garage went to start the car and the same problem occour. I then called out my breakdown service, when they arrived over an hour later the car fired up again 1st. He told me it sounds like an electrical fault and left.

Then this morning, as i was taking the wife to work I took the car out of the garage ( Fired up 1st time without any problems) left it on the drive for about 10 minutes then went to leave went to fire it up but the same problem happened, it has now been over an hour since it happened and it still wont fire up.

When only the 3 lights come on it feels like it has no battery as the interior lights dont work neither does the central locking or alarm. I did replace my battery a few months ago with a new one. ( felt the battery should have lasted a little longer as the car is only just 3 years old)

If anyone can help I would be very grateful
was the battery replaced with a correctly matching calcium one?

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