Well I'm a week off owning this second hand 5 year old motor for a year now. And this week it's had it's first serviced and MOT since buying it. And me being a spreadsheet junkie, I log any costs incurred running my cars. Now on acquiring a "new" motor, I do often buy stuff like rubber mats, mud flaps, touch up paint and such. But I call the likes of the aforementioned, one off costs, so the are called "initial commissioning costs".

Now running costs are made up four sub groups, three if you exclude fuel costs. Of course running costs will vary dependent on what mileage you do on average. In my case it is circa 5,500, to 6,000 per annum.

Sub Groups:

1.Fixed annual costs, such as Road Tax, Insurance and Breakdown Recovery...............................................£385 = £7.40

2.Rolling weekly cost over the lifetime of ownership to date.Such as Servicing, Repairs, Replacement and MOT costs..£176 = £3.39

3.Tyre maintenance [tracking x 2] full set renewal costs based on getting 25,500 miles out of a set of tyres...........£354 = £1.50

So that comes to as total of £12.30 a week excluding petrol.

Petrol, well as 40% of our petrol consumption is as a result of touring holidays, I load that cost onto the holiday cost.

So in our case at current pump prices, fuels costs per week are £10.23 excluding Holiday fuel costs.

Ain't Spreadsheets Great :D