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Full Version: Ford Fusion Engine Woes
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[size="5"][size="4"] hi i hope you will be able to help me out.

whenever i drive my ford fusion (1400cc) after about 10 mins the engine starts to act up,if i try to pull away at a junction nothing happens when i press the pedal then suddenly it shoots off like a rocket.for the rest of the journey the same thing happens no matter what gear i am in,going up hill or down.its almost as if the engine is about to seize up though there is plenty of oil, or no fuel is getting through.the engine management system light has so far not come on

although its an 03 plate, she has only done 32000 miles... she has a full service history, and is serviced everyear, even though we only do 4500 between services.

i'm positive its nothing to do with the clutch,someone told me it may be due to supermarket petrol, so now we only fill her up with shell.

one more thing is,when the engine is acting up,if i take it out gear and just let her idle, the rev counter goes up and down and the engine nearly stalls until i press the accelerator pedal.

she is a lovely little car, but is really becoming a problem to drive.

hope you can help, and thank you for reading my post.

Hi Radspanner
i would give the icv (idle control valve )a check and maybe clean with carb cleaner.


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