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Full Version: New Ka And Ipod..
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Hi there, have a Mk2 Ka Titanium, very pleased with it overall. Can't get my iPod to work, have browsed the web but can't see any help. The Ka only has a USB port, once plugged in the iPod shows "Connected" but the Ka doesn't recognise it..?? Any body have any tips or ideas or am I going to have to burn a load of mp3 disks..!!
Does your Ka actually give you an error message, or show any signs that it knows "something" is connected? I've got the ipod nano 3rd generation (square shape basically), and the Ka picks that up straight away and starts playing when I plug it in, but I have heard of other models not being compatible. My iphone 3GS won't work, and in fact won't even charge the battery when I plug it in.

Other problem is, the Ka seems to have a very low threshold of what it can actually play - everytime I plug mine in, it picks a random selection of songs and will ONLY play those, I can't shuffle for other songs?!
If you read the fine print in the manual, you will realise that the music system isnt compatible with ipod after all. If I had an Ipod I'd be P--ed off I tell you.
I just took delivery of my new KA titanium and after being told that it would work with my iphone by various salemen in the showroom, I have come home to find it does not and as above, I am peeeed off!
I have a 4th generation Ipod Nano and was worried that it would work in my new Ka. However, I used just a lead running from my Ipod to the designated space below the gearstick (non-USB), press AUX and it works.
I have my new Ka on order and I will most certainly be annoyed if my iPhone is not compatible!

Is there even anywhere to put the iPhone whilst plugged in?

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