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Full Version: Front Fog Lights Lx Mk2
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Is it possible to fit front fog lights to a mk2 focus LX? I have read that the wireingloom is there, is that true?
will they fit yes, will they work probably not, ford say that all the wiring is there, but ecu can not be programmed to make them work, each model of focus has a different ecu fitted which is specific to that model, it cost me 90 at ford to find this out when the spot lights and heated front windscreen that I had fitted did not work.:(

Months later and still that 90 out of pocket, I brought a replacement light switch of e-bay for 20, a relay, and hard wired them my self, they work great, I did the same with the heated front windscreen, that cost me around 80 to do, but was very hard and time consuming but was well worth it in the end.. (the only reason that I persisted with the heated screen was that it was fitted by mistake) and if its there it got to work.!!:D

It was reasonably easy to fit fog lights to my 05 mk2 focus. I was given a kit containing the lamps, trim and the replacement switch. I didn't believe it was as easy as the instructions said but after a little help from members on the board here it only took a couple of hours. On my focus the fog lamp wiring was taped to the loom behind the bumper. Once i had located the wiring plugs it was just a matter of feeding the wiring underneath the headlamps, i found it easier to remove the headlamps to feed the wiring down to the lamps. Once the headlamps were replaced the fog lamps were connected then screwed into place and the new trim pushed into place. The new light switch was easy to change, there is 1 screw if i remember down to the right side of the dashboard where diagnostic socket is. Remove that panel, push your hand under the dash and you can push the old switch out and replace it with the new switch.
Cool I would like to put fogs on but its cost and time. Maybe something for the future.
Hi all, I am trying to fit mines as well but the kit that I've got doesn't come with instructions so after everything connected ive got only a green wire that's suppose to provide the power but I don’t have a clue were it goes is it to the switch I think is to short, fuse box or headlight ? Searched everywhere but only foun diy for aftermarket wiring. Thanks in advance.
brigg focus

Hi there. I've fitted the new switch and the light illuminates on the dash board. I've found the wires at the headlights but when I turn the switch on I still have no power going to them. Is there a different relay fitted to cars without fog lights as apposed to cars that are fitted with foglights? I can't think of anything else that be causing the issue....unless they need turning on in diagnostics??? Any help appreciated!

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