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Full Version: Egr Valve
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hi all engine management light cam on last night, ive pluged it in when i got home and this is what come up.

EGR Position sensor minimum stop performance, failure type no.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control circut high failure type no.

i got hold of some EGR3 spray which is sposed to clean ths system, does anyone know if its any good?
but on the can it doesn't say where you spray it, only what it does,
also are these faults the EGR valve its self, or something linked to it, ford want 300 for the EGR itself.

its a 2007/07 reg, smax 2.0 tdci 143bhp model all help on this will be great thanks.
every one i know who has used the spray says that it does the job, myself i would rather remove the valve and clean/inspect as you can not tell if the valve is stuck in its operation while its on the car, instructions for the spray are as follows

# . Remove the flexible hose in the air intake system, situated between the turbocharger/intercooler and the air intake manifold. Start engine, run until it is warm
# Set engine to run at 2000 rpm.
# Spray the product, with short intervals, into the air intake manifold.after the maf sensor. IMPORTANT: If the revs increase when spraying the product, reduce revs from 2000 rpm to idle.
# RPM and diesel knocking can rise during pulverization.
# After each pulverization, wait until original set rpm is regained.
# Continue until the 200ml of product in the aerosol are consumed.
# Let the engine run at idle during a few minutes.
# Turn off engine
# Reattach hose
# Restart engine
# After this idling period, accelerate the engine approximately 5 to 10 times
# Do not exceed 3000 rpm.

you can read more here
thanks for you help, put new valve on in the end, when i got it off it had fallen to bits, not the easiest job to to, thanks for your help.

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