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Full Version: Snowfoaming...
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Hey All,

Ive been thinking about snowfoaming my car as part of its wash, my question is do you guys think this is a good idea?

And also do i just need the following products to start? (I always have a Karcher power washer)

Is that it or do i need more?

Thats all you need yes, remember to select the correct fitting though!
I don't own a snow foam lance, cant see it being worth 50+ and have heard lots of people who see no difference in using it. I think its just a gimmick to make washing the car fun :lol: If it was cheaper i would have one ... but not at that price. My suction pipe on my washer does the job to pull through some bubbly shampoo as a pre wash :)
Do you mean a washer bottle like this -

Would that basically to the same thing but it would take more time to cover the whole car? If so then that might be the best option for me :)

Also would this work for snowfoaming

The Halfords foam lance is rubbish with snow foam - if you're going to do it then use the proper kit from CYC or similar.

Before I lost the use of an outside tap - I was a big fan of snowfoam. It makes the wash process much simpler and further reduces the risk of damage to the paint that good wash technique introduces.
Hi Dan, Took your advice and today buy a proper foam lace nozzle + bottle and 1 litre of snow foam solution. It was around the 50 mark which is expensive, but at the same time I love my car, and want to look after the paint as much as possible, especially now that the winter is coming, wont be long before the horrible grit arrives :(

Ive never snowfoam'd before... so do you have any tips for a novice like me?

Do i just go straight ahead and snowfoam the car as a pre wash, or so i powerwash it like normal first and then snowfoam it?

I've never used one before but I do believe you spray straight on and let it do its stuff for a bit and then rinse off. You may need to have a few experiments with different mix ratios as well to find which gives the best clinging effect. Im sure Dan will help you out with the ins and out :)
The key thing with snow foam is to NOT rinse the car before hand. You want the foam to cling and then take dirt with it as it drops off - if the paint is already wet it won't cling and so will be less effective.
Gotcha :)

Now I just wish DHL would hurry up and delivery the bloody thing!

Thanks :)

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