First Off I'm new to this place but I've found so much help and info in the last week I can't convey enough thanks. So I'll pass on my findings here.

I have just brought a 57 plate Mondeo Edge, with a 6000cd headunit that I was told had Bluetooth built in! After about a hour I found out it had not and this then gave me two issues,

1. I needed a Bluetooth kit!

2. I also wanted to connect my iPod and have safe control!

After some googling I came across a car kit that did both jobs and well by the reviews, so I purchessed a Parrot MKi9200, not cheap but did both jobs I wanted. After a bit of bartering I got it for 165 from halfords, but there fitter was off on holiday so would not be available for two weeks plus I was told there is no 12v switched supply in Mondeo's so I would have to have a switch to turn off the kit?

So I decided to install myself as my wife did not want any holes drilled in the dash, 2 hours later and I still could not find a 12v switched supply to use the radio uses 6v cigar lighters are constant, that's when I fount this place, and found out I had to run a lead from the boot fuse box, thank god ford uses the best quality trim panels I've ever had to remove. The kit requires a wiring loom that fits between the radio and cables that's 20 once I'd found the lswitched live the install took just 2 hours! The quality is awesome and looks good too.

Thank you for Sutch a good info base, hope I can help you too some day.