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Full Version: New Head Pleaaaase!!!
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Hi everyone,

sorry i originally posted this in the KA forum but thinking some of you may not have seen it there.

Right, i have an '09 Ka and have replaced the CD player in it with a new Kenwood headunit. However, it doesnt work as i dont have the correct ISO connector yet! Has anyone changed the headunit in a new ka yet?? surely im not the only person in the uk to have changed the head unit?!? Does anynone know what iso connector i need? :unsure:

Please dont suggest going to halfrauds...have done this and they're useless...dont stock or order in the one i need. People have said i dont actually need an iso connector but after looking 56,000 times (to make sure im not going insane) i DO need an iso connector.

Anyway any help/advice would be really useful as im slowly going insane driving around in silence..... :lol: :lol:

thanks guys
contact your local ford dealer, they should be able to sell you one
Check eBay loads there, but check the volts of the switched live, my Mondeo gave me no end of grief as the switched live is only 6v! Had to run a lead from the boot!
You don't need a iso as you can do it the old fashioned way and cut the block connector off and wire it straight in! As long as you know what your doing! An iso block will save loads of time and insulating tape. You might need a fash facia too!
Hi everyone,

thanks for the replies, i tried my local ford dealer and they were....useless!! kept trying to sell me the iso connector for the old ka!! But went to an audio specialist yesterday (onhe i hadnt yet tried) and he rewired it, saying i didnt have an ignition connection. Sooo...its now all done :) :) super chuffed :) Now have a sparkly new kenwood headunit in my fab ka :D love it even more now

thanks tho guys...panic over :D
Like I said switched live lost me a few pounds in the swear jar!!!! Glad u got it sorted

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