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Full Version: Desiel Loss Of Power??
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hi all i have 06 plate 1.8 tdci. 96k on the clock. basicly has lost power rev's fine. drives ok but no go???
happend after over taking bit of smoke behind me but after slowing at a junction there was no power. its not smoking at all. any ideas could it be turbo( thought it would smoke with this??)

thanks lugo
sorry to read your having trouble, may sound stupid but check the induction pipes and elbows, may be loose or a cable connector could be loose best to unplug and re-plug any electrical connectors, and also check your two fuse box's both in engine bay and in car. hope you get sorted mate.
Lugo, I have a similar problem with my 1.8 tdci. If I exceed about 3K RPM the car goes into (what I assume is) limp home mode, then I have a power loss and is very difficult to accelerate above 2K RPM. I can recover by pulling over and switching off the engine and re-starting, if I then drive carefully without exceeding 3K RPM it has normal power. I also have the engine management light on too.
I also (sometimes) have a problem when I start the car, pressing the accelerator nothing happens to the revs. Then it starts to work after about 30 seconds - 1 minute. I think the problems are related as both started on the same day (unless I am really unlucky!)

I had it diagnosed at an independent garage who said it was the mass airflow sensor (MAS). After changing two and still not fixing the problem they sent me to a Ford main dealer.

I dropped it at the Ford garage for the afternoon but they only managed half hour of diagnostics (but did have time to clean it inside and out!!) and the came back with MAS and throttle position sensor. So I've still got the problem. Reading other posts the throttle position sensor does make sense.

It's booked in all day on Wednesday (so they can complete the other half hour of diagnostics!) and will let you know of the outcome.

Have you noticed a rasping noise during acceleration?
My money is on a split intercooler pipe.
Mine turned out to be a bad connection in the battery junction box (pin 14), now fixed.

I never had any smoke behind me so I think your problem could be something different.

Please see the replies from the other kind posters and hope you get your problem sorted.

Please let us all know what the solution is so it can help others, Keith
split intercooler pipe as suggested
thanks for your replies. just posted problem again after not looking at this thread, oops.
will have good look at pipe work 2moz. keith mine will rev as normal.

cracked or split intercooler pipe sounds most likely as the others suggested
hi well i have checked the pipe work with no apparent splits the pipe from the bottom left of the cooler that goes over the top left of the engine (to turbo??? ) is coated in oil?? sure this cant be good???

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