Hi all Im Back got another mondeo

First my 3 gear is crunching eg the sync has gone. I have just scrapped a Mondeo estate with what looks like the same gear box.

My car is the DOHC 2.0 on a X Mark 2
the scrapped car was a endura DI Diesel Mark 2 1998

the gear boxes look the same but i dont want to rip the subframe down and take the gearbox out until i know if the spare gear box i have is correct for the car. is there any way of checking from the labels is there the same.

The Gear boxes both have "v/1 zt-7f096-da" on the bell housing
the one in the car has a sticker with "YS7R-7002-AB" Then "8A23 03 000 A" Then "1G A 0G3 000248"
the one out of the car has "97ZT DA" Then "FOG 7F01 B" the F might be a P.

Any ideas would be helpful thanks in advance Peter


Next problem is my battery when flat when working on the car for 3 days its a god battery just left the boot open during the time and all the sat nav stuff plugged into the dash lol.

however the trip computer wont show miles left all the other stuffs working just the miles left to empty shows 3 lines. I dont have a manual can you help