I recently noticed that the Engine Systems Fault light came on and stayed on when I started my car. However after say 2 mins of driving the light will then switch off. Now before this ever happened my car would be very rough on idle with the needle jumping everywhere with a lot of white smoke. So as soon as this light popped up I immediately thought of the EGR. So upon reading about the EGR on the net I went out and bought some Wynns Carb Cleaner (supposed to be as good as Wynns EGR cleaner) and sprayed that into the inlet manifold by disconnecting the air flow pipe.

Now I thought that the Carb Cleaner worked because a few hours later the light didn't stay on and the car was perfect at idle, the needle didn't move, and the smoke from the exhaust was unnoticeable. However having left it overnight and then started again (probably 24 hours later) the problems have come back. The light, excessive smoke and rough idle. Now I'm pretty sure (80%) that the EGR is the problem to all 3 but I just don't know what to do. I would just dissemble the EGR but on my model (Ford Focus 1.8TDCi 56 reg) the EGR is built onto the inlet manifold and so I wouldn't know where to start by taking that off.

What do I do? And here's a pic of into the manifold..