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Full Version: Remote Start
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William Hancock
Morning all

As I got out of bed at 5:30 this morning, I thought to myself "how cold the old girl must be" and then I had an idea. When I visited my uncle in the states he had a Jeep he could start remotely from the house.

My journey to work is only 10 minutes. Normally I would get a bus but at that time in the morning I've got no chance! So by the time I've got to work the car hasn't even warmed up. This can't be good for it?

Does anyone know of a remote start unit for my Focus 1.8 TDCi Zetec?

Any help would be appreciated.

ford focus edge
There are various hardcore alarm systems that can do this but your looking upwards of 500 quid for the system not fitted and if you plan to fit that your self your mad!

Ive seen apps on my blackberry from cobra and clifford that let you unlock and start ur car from your phone weather they work or not is a different matter though.

What you could do is get ur spare out and start the car with that but lock it with ur main key and then go back in the house :P cheaper lol
+1 on the last sentence from above poster.
Hi William,
I had a hawk alarm remote start kit fitted to my 1.3 starlet was brilliant, and to avoid any question of [b]the car being started remotely while in gear it wonít because the alarm systems come with sensors to fit to the handbrake and first gear[/b]. i bought it on eBay for 100 pounds, tell them your make and model and they supply a detailed tailored map of how to fit to your loom, only catch is the starlet was a 1997 and didnít have any immobiliser fitted, the only easy way to bypass this in modern cars is to get a bypass kit cost 25pounds but you have to put your spare key in to it and leave it in the box which sits under the dash next to the key hole on the inside, which to me sounds crazy leaving a spare key in a chipped box under the dash permanently. :o
That is crazy :blink:

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