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Full Version: Ford Mondeo Key Problem
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Hi, I am new to the forum and wandering if anybody can help. I have an 02 registered Ford Mondeo Zetec

My key is not turning the ignition barrel from time to time. This is happening with increasing frequency.

I only have the one key coded to the car and need a second key anyway to get a new key set coded to the car. My old key is worn and is not transmitting the signal to lock/unlock the car.

The car is in the garage to get it sorted but the garage also told me that the ignition barrel is also worn which is why the old key will not turn any more than a couple of millimetres.

They put in a new barrel and the new key will not turn it either. However with the barrel out of the car, the key will turn it.

They tell me that it is definitely the barrel. On further questioning they say that when the new barrel is put in 'a pin' does not seem to 'come out' or engage.

I am not sure what they are talking about on this last point but they seem to be a bit stumped and insist it is a problem with the barrel.

I have seen a post on the forum about someone having similar problems with a Ford Focus. Some of the advice they were given was that it was not the barrel but the ignition switch that the barrel is in some way connected to the when in place. The ignition switch itself could be worn so it will not turn. I presume if the ignition switch does not turn, the barrel will not turn so the key sticks.

I have phoned the Ford garage and suggested this but they still think it is the barrel.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


Sorry, plesse move topic to the appropriate forum or delete.


Welcome :)
It can survive as a welcome topic ;)

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