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Full Version: Black Smoke And Flashing Coil Light
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I have a mark III diesel Zetec 115 bhp and when I acclerate I get an impressive James bond like black cloud behind me and if I try to accelerate to hard at anything from 2000 to 3000 revs the coil light flashes and the car goes into limp mode. There is less smoke if I use Vpower fuel with an injector cleaner but the prob is still there. I have checked pipes for splits but I cant see anything, however there is a slight whistle coming from the white plastic fitting near the turbo where 3 vac pipes join. I've had the EGR valve off and found it caked in black gunk, have done a quick clean but i assume that it will need a proper clean with the inlet manifold as well. (Dont get any of it on the bottom of your shoes or you will leave black spots all through the house, nightmare!). I do occasionally get the engine light come on when starting. Is there anything else I need to try or is it the turbo?
Well I cleaned the EGR and intake manifold, they were caked in black hard dust. Did a quick hose check, no splits. Put everything back together and then the car wouldn't start, fast turnover but no start. Only managed to get it going after jumping it. Still getting black cloud when revving and no change in driving. Have noticed that the vacuum pipe to the EGR doesn't have a constant vacuum, more like a lot of little vacuum "puffs". Engine warning light still on. Does anyone have any ideas?
EGR vacuum hose has been disconnected and blocked. Its smoking less, but still have the same issue when pulling away (although its a liitle better). Have removed the plug to the MAF and the car is still the same. Could this be the prob? If the MAF was working then I would expect to see some kind of change wouldn't I?
sounds like you could have a problem with the vacume pump,pipes or valvs.
Have checked for vacuum, and its at the EGR valve when the engine is revved. When you say valve, do you mean the non return valve because I do get a slight hissing from it.
MPG has been indicated very good (55-65) but only get about 350-400 miles out of a full tank. So I've changed the MAF and its already much better, MPG is more realistic (47-50) and its running smoother with less black smoke. Still stuttering a bit on acceleration and still get the flashing coil if I floor it to hard, but I've put some injector cleaner and Vpower fuel in and I will see what its like in 100-200 miles. Hope this will help somone else.
Oh, I forgot to add that since I cleaned the EGR valve and inlet manifold the car has been harder to start (flatend the battery yesterday). Hopefully this will also sort itself out after the MAF change.

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