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Full Version: Wheres The Fuel + Pollen Filter --1.8 Tdci 57/07
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As its such a popular car i thought there would be lots of photos / youtube info but im not having much lucky .

I've found the air filter and read where the oil filter is but i cant find any info on the fuel and pollen filter

thanks nyck
The oil filter is on the back of the engine block. Just a normal spin-on cartridge.

The fuel filter is located on the right of the cylinder head. Just pull the engine cover off and you will see it, a round thing with a couple of pipes going to it.

The pollen filter is behind the dash and accessed from the passenger footwell, you need to remove a couple of bits of trim, then just slides out. Can be a fiddly job.
i changed the air/oil/fuel filter but still having trouble finding the pollen filter in the footwell.Theres a black cover that comes off and then theres a plastic panel with lots of wires and plugs but i cant see whwere the filter should go???

Heres how you do it. (taken from another website :o )

1) Filter is located in a vertical orientation at the very back of the heating and ventilation unit.
2) Filter cover is fitted using 3 or 4 off 7mm hex screws (mine had 3 fitted).
3) Access is from passenger foot well.
4) Remove side panel attached by 2 off T25 screws behind covers.
5) Remove the 2 off 13mm nuts that fix the main fuse board bracket; this allows you to drop the main fuse board down out of the way.
6) If you have a Ghia there is an air-con pipe for the cooled glove box. This is in the way and cannot be removed from the heating and ventilation unit. However it can be disconnected at the glove box end (simple push fit).
7) You can now remove the pollen filter cover screws and remove and replace the filter. You may have to flex the filter to get it in as you can't get straight access to it.

[url=""][/url] That should help.
Looks like i was in the right area--nice pics to help

Ive done my back in whilst changing the other parts ,,so ill try and have a go at the weekend if my back feels any better

thanks nyck

I did my pollen filter yesterday.  It took 5 minutes or so to take the necessary bits off to access the filter (all straight forward but stupidly unecessary by design IMO), and then one and HALF HOURS trying to put it all back together!!  Why?  2 reasons:


First, because of the air conditioner feed pipe into the glove box that needs to be reconnected was a b4st@rd and simply couldnt be done until my missus came home giving me a second pair of hands (she pushed from inside the glovebox whilst I pushed from the outside.


Second, even removing the fusebox (and bracket) and dropping it down, it still leaves the wiring loom attached to it which sits there like a cruise liner mooring rope!  Thick, unflexable and difficult to move or work round.  It simply got in the way of sliding out and in the filter into the hole.


So my recommendation is NOT to remove the glovebox at all especially if you have this aircon pipe attached - I dont think removing it is that necessary as the work can still be done from underneath with it in place. (If you dont have this pipe connected then yes, go for it.  The resultant space will help a little by giving extra light if nothing else).

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