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Full Version: Bottom Half Of Heated Rear Window Not Working
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I collected an '07 C-Max 1.8 Zetec a fortnight ago from a main Ford dealer.

Really like the car but first use of the HRW has shown that only the top half of the element lines are working.

There doesn't APPEAR to be any damage to the inside of the rear glass which has broken the elements (stickers roughly peeled off, or whatever). I'm hopeful that the 3 months Ford warranty (I extended it to 12 months) will cover the cost, but just wondered if anyone has any ideas about the fault ?


P.S. Also noticed that the idle speed can be a bit erratic when the engine (petrol) is hot and I'm stuck in traffic and constantly edging forward. Need a new lambda or O2 sensor perhaps ?
I have the same problem on my C Max, did you ever find the reason and did you have a fix for it?
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I have the same problem on my C Max, did you ever find the reason and did you have a fix for it?


I had THOUGHT that the element was undamaged.

However, I took a closer look a few days after the forum post, and in the sunlight I could see a slight discoloration of the element wires near the corner - precisely the ones that weren't working. It wasn't hard to deduce that there had been a sticker of some sort over that part of the rear windscreen (probably the original dealer's sticker) and that someone had tried to peel it off -- and in so doing damaged the wires.

After a little bit of internal arguing as to Ford's new rules about warranty on glassware, Polar Ford finally agreed to do the work under warranty.

Hope you get yours fixed.

All the best.
Thanks for the info. I had noticed that although the wires looked intact there was discolouration - in some places they looked orange and in others they looked black. I did have to remove some residual adhesive with turps so it was probably a sticker, like you mentioned. Unfortunately my car was out of warranty back in May.

I did discuss this problem with my local Ford dealer and they said when this happens they just replace the screen. Looks like I'll have to live with it or stump up the money!

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