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Full Version: Rear Washer Jet
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Where is the pump for the rear washer jet locsted as i think it may be kn its way out as when you pull it it takes a while to start squirting( i knkw it will take slightly longer due to the fluid travelling further, but it seems abit too long) and went it does start to spray ot doesnt seem to be very strong. Also how much is one likely to cost and is it a quick and simple job to do. Thanks in advance
If it takes long for the water to come out then I wouldn't keep on pressing the lever. It could burn out the motor eventually. Maybe there is some debris caught in the nozzle? a sewing needle or even a garage air hose could unblock it (disconnecting the line, may not be as easy to do as the front side), if that is the case. The location of the pump for the rear is behind the boot lid trim.
So, I have to remove all of the boot lid trim or just the bottom piece. Also what is the likely price for a replacement pump.
i think if u only req to get to rear jet its at top of tail gate red light is , remove assy lense jet is black unit , only pump in main tank feeds both front & rear screens , pump is located passengers side wing .
if you use fairy liquid or anything like that for screen wash it collects in the bottom of the washer tank and creates a thin but sticky film and can break up and block the pump as well as the lines
Nah, wouldnt dream of using washing up liquid. Last few times used halfords pre-mixed, but added bout 500ml of water to it due to me thinking it was too strong of mix. So it shouldnt be that.
^^^exactly what i do for the same reason lol
So is there only 1 pump or is there a secondary one for the rear jet, becoz I werent too shore what metalmanst ment.
as far as i know there is usually just the one in the base of the the water tank but i could be wrong. never come across a car with 2 to be honest
100% 1 pump with 2 feeds (1 for front screen 1 for rear) on the front side of the washer resevoir behind the front passenger side wheel arch.
Yes there is only one pump its under the front passenger wing, with two feeds on it, for front and rear. this pic should help you..

I used a needle and tried to clean the rear jet with a needle, it comes out sooner now but now it seems to just spray down the screen in a stream and not in a paticular patern.

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