Hello everybody,

I would just like to take this opportunity to "take a bow" and say hello B)

We have a special offer at the moment that is perfect for anyone who likes to change their wheels

[center][size="6"][u][b] 200 off all Ford Coilovers!![/b][/u][/size][/center]

For the un-initiated, coilovers allow you to set the height exactly where you want, and because ours are adjustable without taking them off the car YOU can set them to what YOU want.

How does some boffin in a lab know how you want your car to feel, or how much ICE you have? [b]THEY CANT[/b] so a lot of non adjustable coilovers are a compromise, the rest are filling removers! Ours can be set to feel close to OEM or track-day stiff!

This offer means that you can have the same brand of suspension as Thrust SSC for a fraction of the price!

If you don't want coilovers for any reason, we have something for every budget, including spring only kits, damper only kits and combinations of the two. Most of our dampers are adjustable ranging from track-day stiff, to shopping soft with 24 indexed settings in between.

If anyone has any questions, Fire Away! I will do my best to answer for you. Alternatively call our office on 01869 244 771