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Full Version: 1.4Dci - No Remote Key Fob
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Just looking for some advice please?

My father has just bought 54 plate 1.4dci Fusion 2 that came with no remote key fob, just two old style ford keys. Will this car be remote key fob compatible? Can I just buy a blank one program it myself? (not worried about immobiliser function, so will use original key for starting!)

Any help much appreciated.


Go to autolocksmith or ford. Or you could buy a remote and see if it programmes in.
1st option is cheaper though.
Hi Matt,

Simplest way to you know anyone with a modern Ford? ie.a working remote, with the three button remote that the Fusion uses? if so Proceed as follows

1, borrow their key (remote part is the bit you want)
2, insert YOUR normal key into the ignition and turn it on/off 4 X times in quick succession.
(you should see a light flashing on your dash to let you know you are in prog. mode)
3, press any button on the borrowed remote, suggest the 'lock' function button.

If your car locks you have programmed that remote to your car and you have remote central locking. :) ..happy days! But now you need to perform the same procedure back on your friends car who you borrowed the remote fob from so his/her remote is programmed back to their car. And then order a new remote key from the internet ...there are loads on e-bay but just be certain to get the right one there are at least 2 types of key chip that the fob looks identical and will work to lock/unlock but will not necessarily start the car (once the key is cut to fit) and are not the same...go by the serial number on the remote is safest.

If nothing happens... :angry: well you've picked a duffer there mate!either there is no remote central locking (i'd be very surprised) or it isn't working.

hope this helps
When i just bought my car i had the same problem 2 keys but they where just standard keys
not remote ones.

this is what i did,

contacted my local Ford Dealership (Parts department) with my vin number just under your
passenger wiper blade.
They can look up what spec your car came out of the factory if its a UK car.

Mine did not have the remote receiver that you need for the remote control :( .

But you can buy a kit that converts a remote that looks like an alarm phobe :D

3 buttons
1 to open
2 to close
3 to open the boot

85 all in including fitting so i'm thinking about this, as i have just had a parrot MKi9100 hands free
kit fitted today from the same bloke Today Chris ( ABERTAWE CAR ELECTRICS ) Tel 07973163191, Swansea area south Wales
He did an Execllent/neat job

Hope this helps

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