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Full Version: 05 Focus Boot Issue
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Hi there, im sure all you regulars to the focus forum know about the boot issues a lot of focus's seem to suffer with, basically not being able to open them/jamming shut. I have posted about this before but I was wondering if someone can give me a definitive list of my options? e.g do I need to just replace the lock? Get a new GEM unit? If i just get the lock replaced do the keys then need to be re-configured? Etc. and do you guys know about what kinda prices id have to pay to get it sorted…cos ive heard it can be a lot??

I don’t have any trouble with the actual central locking, that works fine. Its just the bloody boot. Which sometimes unlocks and sometimes doesn’t…and I havnt been able to get it open for about 2 weeks now! When I press the boot unlock on the fob I can hear the mechanism in the boot making a noise as if its working ok but nothing happens and it doesn’t unlock. There is no other way of getting it to open (as I don’t have an unlock button inside the car or an external lock which I can open with the key). So have to access the boot via the back seats, which is annoying. There doesnt look like theres any water damage around the lock either, seems quite well sealed.

I only bought the car about 2 months ago….its a 2.0TDCI Focus Titanium 05 plate. It has 90,000 on the clock. And apart from the boot, is in perfect condition, infact ive just had it MOT'd and there were no issues at all apart from a slight scrape on one of the brake discs, but that wasn’t really an issue.

also, as ive heard this is a common problem on focus's if i did get either the lock changed or the lock and the GEM unit changed could it just stop working again after a few months? or would it last for a good 5 or so years etc?

Sorry to go on about it but its doin my head in....anyone else suffered from this...if so what did you do about it?
:-( anyone??
I have now once and for all resolved this issue....i ordered a new boot wiring loom from Ford for £36, took the old one out and put the new in.....thats all it fine now. when i had a good look at old wires two had worn right through and the others were very fraid (hence the intermittent working)...i guess cos of where the boot had been used a lot by the previous owner. the lock itself was fine. so anyone who has a similer issue, check the wiring loom!
Hey Well done, makes a lot of sence now that we know the wiring had worn through, this must happed to loads of other cars too
Yeah i think this is particularly common on the mk2 saloons...because the rubber tubing, which is visable when you open the boot, which houses the wires almost gets folded back on itself everytime the boot is opened and shut. so if you use the boot loads be aware about that part of the wire.

Also the old wire (i guess when it finally snapped) managed to fuse the two rear number plate lights, so i had to put a new fuse in, they both worked fine after that.

Id say the only really fiddly bit was connecting two wires to each of the number plate lights....had to actually take both number plate lights out to attach the wires to them then fit them back in.

Is just a poor bit of design from not sure if the hatchbacks suffer from this too.....ive heard of water getting into the boot lock on the hatches but not the wiring loom failing.

am just glad its sorted....i play a lot of golf and having to put my bag and trolly on my back seats was really p*ssing me off!
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Full Colour Version: 05 Focus Boot Issue
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