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Full Version: Constant Steaming Up Off Windows
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Hi, I've got a 57 plate 1.8TDCI Zetec. Since it started getting cold my windows CONSTANTLY steam up - so im forever putting on the front window heater (which is annoying) but bearing in mind what a nightmare the car is to reverse - especially with tinted rear windows - the steaming makes reversing almost a blind exercise.

Am i missing something?
It could be a water leak which is causing the condensation. Check for damp footwells or boot.
Thanks. I never had this problem last year: but since i cleaned the interior of the windscreen ive had issues. I can not get the damn thing as it was when i bought it, tried autto glym and all sorts. Could this be an issue as am sure your suggestion isnt the case.
A few cleans with Autoglym fast glass/car glass polish with a dry microfibre cloth should do the trick.
could it also be a leak in the widnscreen seal? if so would it be an obvious leak?

And is this any good:
tony c
hi folks.i did exactly the same and clean all the gunge and looks like a coke can had exploded in the front of the car. any way after i used auto glym cleaner and get exactly the same thing happen. i'm on my 4th mondy now and they all the same. i now turn the blower controll to blow down only and this i presume closes the windscreen vents and doesnt allow moisture to form on the inside of the screen. anyway whats wrong with using windscreen heater, its only a touch of a button. i'v also sealed with silicone sealant arround the black plastic shroud that the pollen filter fits into as that always with my cars hasn't sealed properly with the sponge seal around it and looks like a lot of water runs onto the top of it. good luck and happy fiddling.
Presumably it is not something stupid like having the aircon and the heating on at the same time?

There is a long thread on this subject on the "" forum - unfortunately the Original Poster has not come back to tell everyone if he ever cured the problem.
It includes a link to the pollen filter changing routine.

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