Hi all,

Being a complete numpty the other day I managed to drive my 2003 Focus up the back of a Golf (new shoes, slipped off the brake, you can imagine the rest). Unfortunately my insurance is only TPF&T so I'm looking at my options for sorting out the mess.

Impact was at 15-20mph. My initial thought was I may get away with a written off bumper, which I can buy online quite cheaply (well, half the 300 :blink: quoted by my local main dealer). However, the bonnet alignment and dent in the front panel merited further investigation, so I had the bumper off today and revealed the front crossmember was also shot. Still kind of OK, assuming I can DIY it. Unfortunately it looks more serious around the driver's side where the front crossmember bolts on - see pic:


What's the score here? Could the mangled bit the crossmember mounts to (sorry, please correct me with the appropriate terminology) be beaten out? Or does it need cutting out and re-welding with a new one? Any ideas what the best way forward would be?

I'm no car DIY expert but I'm happy replacing the bumper, grilles, possibly front panel etc. This however is clearly a bridge too far so I'm trying to weigh up getting the pros to sort it out and I do the rest or just handing it over to them. I'd be extremely grateful for any advice anybody can offer.

Thanks in advance!